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Remove shipping method field from checkout invoice
Hello all,As you can see (red arrow and underline) in the images below I need to remove the "shipping method" from my checkout invoice (checkout1.png image), and from the cart vertical menu
Hi.I have enabled SEO friendly links in admin and on my sub categories in IE it looses the template structure, am rather confused as the rest works fine and ideas?
Moving "Product Options" Below Description Tab
Haloo guys, I'm new here , i have a problem about template, I want move this product optionsto bottom of Description tab .Before, i can move it , but i had a problem , when i moved the product options
theme, same in mobiles that PC
Hi,exist any theme that shows the same in a computer than in a mobile?i've seen few webs that are selling same items than me, that shows the same in a computer than into a pc.But in opencart i haven't
force to show as in a PC
Hi,any way to force to show in mobile devices website as appears in a PC?in mobiles, menus appears different, i want customers see the same website . thanks
need theme designer
Hello,Apologies if posting in the wrong place.I have a design from "designer" as images, can someone recommend a paid service who would convert that to Open-Cart template for me?I am using
Add space to footer
My website is at http://test.hoddywellarchery.com.au .The accessories tab has a lot of categories in it and it runs out of room when you scroll down. Is there a way to make more room in the footer so
Sub Category Grid View
HiThis may have been asked before but I cannot find a definite answer on this, How can you display Sub Category's in a grid view instead of a slider type view? If anyone can help me with this that
Price not displaying
Hi!I've run into a problem. The price in my shop only shows on the top. Not at the bottom.The guy who made the Theme is MIA. So need someone to fix it for me.Any takers?Shop - www.printsbydkj.se
restore website changes due to extension
i have installed a discount sticker on my website which changes the full view of my website as i it changes alignment and background colour and remove banner .. i just want to restore it to my earlier
$this->request->get['route'] lost
Hi all,I'm having a problem here. I have some modules set to show on home page. All working good. But there comes a problem, that I open the search page, those modules for home page are showing on
Installing a theme in a multi store enviroment
HelloI am hoping someone here can tell me how to properly install a theme to work with Opencart multi store option.I bought a theme that is giving me issues but the theme seller basically insisting I
Remove mobile version
Hi, I have one question, I install on my site one theme named "big store" but now have mobile version, and when I go in my site with my Android I look mobile version..I want to remove it and
Space between header and products
Hello I have a problem that i cant solve after trying for along timeI want to reduce the space between the menu bar and the productlist or grid.I have already removed the heading title in the catagory
Help with template customisation
Hi Guys,I'm hoping someone can help me here. I am currently using the Agnes theme which alone is a nice design howeverwhere the middle section is (where products are displayed) we have a border either
Another header problem - add a link
I have customize my header .. i did not want the menu(categories) to show up... i changed the background and i added a logo picture ... the one thing i can not figure out is - how do i add a link so
opencart on tablets
Im quite new to this, ive uploaded version: onto www.pashute.co.uk and it all works fine. Ive put a benetton theme on the site and its ok. However, I have had a report that the system does
Can't Use Option on mystore theme
I'm using the mystore theme and it works fine except that when I add an option (i.e. color etc.) and then try to apply the option to a sale, when I press "Add to Cart", nothing happens. It
Place search box on my home page
OC is part of my existing website. I would like to place the OC search box on other pages in my site.I found a topic about this in the forum but it doesn't work.Any help is appreciated.Thanks
adding images to the right of the main slider
Hi,I am trying to add 3 images to the right of the slider on the home page. I tried using Colum right but then it puts a right hand Colum down the whole page. I have reduced the size of the main