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Login page out of place
I use the apple zen template. In FF is everything o.k, but in IE it looks all out of place. To much to the right side. Same happens to the "my account page" and the currency
Customizing the 'what's new' module
Hello, I went through all possible options to customize the 'what's new' module displayed on the front page. Currently it displays 3 columns in the following format: [ product photo ] [ product name
Image help!
Hello, I am VERY new to Zen Cart (like, 24 hours), and also not very technically minded. So please be gentle! I am also unsure if this is the correct place at the forum to post my query. Again, be
Sidebox problem in IE
On my right sidebox with the free video making instructions has margin problems. Looks good in my Firefox. I did mess around with the classic/css/stylesheet trying to
line around my collums away???
can sombody help me to tell how i can move the whiteline around my colums and put them apart from eachother??
Quantity box.....not working.HELLLLP
First the quantity box wasn't working in IE and now also in FF..... I don't know where to look and what to do. Please help.
Sidebox Issue, New Products and Specials
Hello Guys, Take a look at If you look at the left hand sidebox titled "NEW PRODUCTS" it has 3 products in it. How do I change it to 5, or 7, or 10 products. This is the
i want the middle background white???
i have a simple ask. how can i make only the middle background white. I have found it for the right side in the stylesheet but not for the left and middle. maby i didn't look very good. can
changing background color
Not sure what's going wrong here. I want to change the lighter grey color of the center box here: I'm in the custom template (darkness) stylesheet, and I've changed the
Hello, I want a flash movie on my zencart site main page. I do the following things. 1.) Open admin->define pages editor and then put the following code in the main page. <object
How to add zencart to already designed site
Hi everyone. New to Zen Cart, and was wondering how to make it so that zencart will go inside of my already designed site. I just need to know where to place the following code so that it shows up
Help...How to change sidebox header background color?
I am new to Zen Cart, is there anyone knows how to change sidebox header background color? thanks!