Weird Problem with Shopping Cart

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when i add products to my shopping cart just under the products name it should show the options results if any

in my case is doing the reverse

it showing for example :

- Please Select From Available Colours: Black

instead of showing what the customers picked

pls see attached screenshot
user_478 Mon, 30 Nov -0001

What do you have set for the option name in catalog > options? My guess is "Please Select from Available Colours" ?? Instead of just "Colour"??

user_47566 Mon, 30 Nov -0001

i have "Please Select from Available Colours"

however, the question should not shows

user_46184 Mon, 30 Nov -0001

Remove "Please Select from Available Colours" or change it to something else like "Color".


user_33 Mon, 30 Nov -0001

Yes, you need to change the Attribute Group Name to Colour.

Then under Attributes, each one should be called that colour, and assign it to the group "Colour"

user_47566 Mon, 30 Nov -0001

thanks guys

it is fine now

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