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Which file contains code for Menu Bar?
Hi EveryoneIm looking to redesign the menu bar on my website for both the desktop and mobile version but can't seem to find which file needs editing.If someone can advise which file needs editing that
How to remove thumbnail image from mini-cart
Hello everyone ,I have searched the forum and cant seem to find a solution to this so I'm hoping someone knows how...Basically, on my site the drop down mini cart shows the items which are currently
Cannot work out how to create a full width footer?
Hi all,I have read quite a few posts about moving the footer div out of the container div and then changing the css etc. I have made changes, but everything I have tried does not work. The posts are
How do I enable the menu in opencart
How do I enable the menu I don't see any modules that says menu or nav bar or anything.
Changing Samsung Coming Soon Front Page Feature
Customized all the homepage categories, products, Icon, and Store Logo but can't figure out how to change the default Samsung Coming Soon banner on the front of my OpenCart website. Help would be
Stopping the sub categories expanding
I can find lots of posts to try and automatically expand the sub categories but I have the opposite need.I have a superfish module installed to work with the category menu in the left column. Whenever
Weird Problem with Shopping Cart
hiwhen i add products to my shopping cart just under the products name it should show the options results if anyin my case is doing the reverseit showing for example :- Please Select From Available
Quantity box and shopping cart
Using safari as browser the quantity box and shopping cart are not adjusting the width if a customer wants to order a large number of products. It is working ok with the other browsers. Anybody any
Display sub-total in minicart in header
Hi all,The mini-cart in the header displays the total including tax of the shopping cart. I would like to show the total (without taxes) in the header. (SubTotal)Opencart tried but can’t
Centralize 'Welcome to' title
The 'Welcome to' title and other page titles are all aligned to the left where as everything else is mostly centralized.We've been trying to make them central as it could look better but can't seem to
Linking Open Cart Market template purchase to Website
Just purchased a template from and then it just showed me my receipt….where does the template purchase go after purchase? Need help integrating the purchase to my open cart
how to show shipping cost in Shopping Cart
Hihow to show shipping cost in Shopping Cart ??example attached
Basic design question
Hey guysI have a issue I want to sort with my design on the homepage, it is a issue with the module layout. The website is at I would like the "latest products" module
Change color for 1 menu item
Hey Guys, I would like to change my menu a bit, and I was thinking about changing the color of the SALES button inside my menu.But my css makes the entire menu 1 color (witch is normal) Any idea how