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Contact form
I was trying to manually manage to make the contact form a little less wider. In the image i have sent it can be seen that the white outline or border of the contact form is on the edge of the main
Trashed/Archived/Unpublished articles showing?
Ok this is surely a bug unless I'm missing something.I have articles that are Unpublushed/trashed/archived yet are on full view to users?? This isn't a problem in 1.5.It's the unpublished that
Getting rid of gridlines when using tables
When I use a table to format columns in my page I end up seeing grid lines in my new joomla site that don't show when html page is rendered in current site. How do I make the lines invisible?
Contact form language
Hi,I'm using Joomla 1.7 and using the default contact form. I've installed a language pack for Joomla (Welsh), but it hasn't translated the contact form. Is there a way to manually change the contact
[SOLVED] Articles appearing in wrong categories
Hi, I am literally getting crazy with this problem.I have a bunch of subcategories belonging to a principal category.All these categories contain both subcategories or articles.I don't understand why
24 hour half incrementing field [SOLVED]
Hi,what is the best way to implement a field type list whose options are 00:00, 00:30, 01:00 ... 23:30 ?I've tried extending JFormFieldList class with this getOptions() method:Code:protected function
Problem with sharing on Facebook
From yesterday i have big problem for me (marketing) because i cant anymore share any article, page or anything else like before.When i say like before i mean, putting picture with describe and tittle
I get message in Russian in Articles
Hey. Good day.I something wrong.I'm getting out after the title in the articles,q a message in Russian they step in the image attached.I started out 2 days ago, and without installing anythingin the
Page links not working in Joomla! 2.5
I set up a featured page within a catagory and added links within that page to other pages within the category. There are also sub-menu items that point to the same pages. Everything works great.
Applying SSL to Specific Pages Only
I have found a couple of other posts about this, but neither have resolved my issue. My host stores http and https docs separately, and I am trying to redirect only one page to https and redirect all