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How do I turn off the "Welcome visitor you can login or create an account"? It only causes problems for my customers...ThanksJT
specific Banner on product-view
Hi,I need to have a specific Banner in the product-view.The route in Layout (System/Design/Layout) allows only paths like this: product/product But I need a path like product/product&path=63_57,so
Hidden logo in envato theme
Hi...I purchased a theme from envato. It has envato's logo and facebook like widget in the footer. I am trying to remove it but cannot seem to find the code. Also they do not give any support though
Added Link and Static Button to Footer
OC http://www.chloelina.com I added a paypal image and pinterest 'follow us' link in the last footer column. They look awful and I can not figure out how to add padding to the link so they
Basic responsive theme to cusomize
Sorry if this has been asked a thousands times, but its very hard to find this information.I'm just looking for a version of the default theme that is truly responsive.i.e not just hide the left or
Want to write something next to my price
Dear all.I would like to write something next to my price like here :In germany we have to write inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versand ( Price incl. Tax additionally Transport ) . Is it possible to write
Links to external site
Hi,I have resigned the nav bar at checkout and cart pages but now am trying to change the Home breadcrumbs URL on the:
Opencart Advice needed, Facebook is in german??
I am new to this and i have been given the opencart for my shop i have got no support and i have set up most things and got my head around a lot of things but i can not get a Facebutton like button on
Edit contact page content
Hi,I want to add a photo and googlemap to the contact page.Please can someone tell where the template is or if there's a way to do it through the adminthanks in advance
How to turn the background color into orange?
Hello everyone,I'm a newbie here. Right now I'm using opencart 1.5.4 andOrangeCog template: mastersound.co.idWhen you see the website using computer's browser, the background color is orange.
product page editing
hi,i have the: Pav StyleShop Responsive Opencart Theme. no help so far from pavothemesdemo page: http://demopavothemes.com/pav_styleshop ... duct_id=59 i want to move the: Qty - Cart button , to be
How to add links to main menu?
Hi, I've been searching for a solution for this but haven't come up with anything. What I want to do is be able to add any links I want to the top main menu (not the small 'toplinks' menu). I have
broken search
error on search submission bj.jpg (36.33 KiB) Viewed 120 times Hi guysinstalled a template that the client purchased and forwarded to me, having a few issues namely errors being displayed instead
"Latest" Module row height issue
Hi Guys,Wonder if somebody would be so kind to point me in the right direction? Have the "Latest" module active on the homepage. I can tweak the width/space between left and right of the
Custom template for information page?
I've created a new information page called "Calculators". I need to create a custom template for this page, which will display the content entered into the CMS at the top, then load some
Wrong image zoom link
In Category and Manufacturer page i have this issue: product image zoom when clicked it points to wrong link.For example the correct image link is: http://www.MYshop.com/image/cache/data/ ...
change the menu
Hi everyone, I need to make my menu until exploded on the second level... how can I do?Thank you in advance
Changing Checkout Button Text
Hello. I've been trying to modify the text for my checkout and cart buttons at the top of my page. My page is http://www.viainoxcanada.com . Is there a way to customize the buttons? Right now when
Font keeps changing to times new roman
Hi,I'm using opencart Version Fresh install.On my homepage I have links that say 'home' 'about us' 'special offers' (at the top of the page)These are meant to display a particular font, but