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EVISU Template , problem with payment and footer module.
Hi !I just upgraded from to 1.5.6 to get the Swedish Payson module to work , but I cant see the payment options in checkout ( nothing happens ) I have EVISU 3 sliders in one premium OC 1.5.x
How to insert a category description at the bottom
I would like to insert a separate category field where i can insert SEO text at the bottom.Due to UI, i think it is not feasible to insert it on the default category description field.Any chance i can
re-size logo on default template
Is there a tutorial on how to effectively make room for a larger logo using the current 1.5.x default template? The logo supplied is only 50 pix high and really doesn't do much for my site. I guess
Adding a Text Box
I'm looking to add a text box to the home page. My template previously had it and it got removed some how. I'm not sure where to go in my files to add it back. I do have my original files. Please help
Footer center aligned
http://www.traktatiebedankjes.nl/Frozen ... ame=frozen You see the footer is aligned left? How can i redo it to center?It happens also when i have in 1 product more then two options... Two goes ok,
New theme products loads old theme?
Hi there,I am installing a theme as a replacement for my existing old Opencart site. At the moment, it is in a hidden directory /v2, and the home page works fine. However, all product pages, load the
template not changing in front end
Hi,I have downloaded and transferred an under construction template using Filezilla and it appeared in my store backend under settings ---> Store tab, I changed from default to new one and saved
Help i'm stuck
dunno what that error isplease help.website http://www.autostickere.rothank you!
How to align new images in header?
Hello,I have made and inserted two images into my header ( www.kingoftech.co.uk ) they are free uk delivery and five star service. As you can see, they are not aligned correctly. I would like my logo,
An unwanted box on homepage and product page
Hello, I have found a little box in the center of my homepage and product page that remain in the same center position when I scroll the page. In the box there is an element who indicates that
Making HOVER search bar STATIC
I have a search bar that hovers when I highlight it, can anyone point me into the right direction how to change it to static please?
Add cart Option show for only register users.
HI Sir how are you>Sir i m using Open cart 1.5.6. Sir i want help.I want Add cart option show only Register Users. How can i fix it.
Whole Sale Website Help?
Hi.How are you>? i hope you will b fine and Good. Sir i want to know that How to bulled my website like this http://1moda.eu/3hyz-8276.html SIr check In this site Price ( Hide)Add to cart (
The products this field mangled
Hello, good afternoon! Excuse my language I can not speak English properly, I'm using google translator. I'm new here and wanted to enlist the help of you guys to solve a little problem in my shop. My
Switch tax view
Currently, if i choose to view my products including taxes on my website.A rule is added below the price with: "Price excluding tax".I want to turn this around.If i choose to show products
Product description
Hey everyone. I tried to modify the product details/ description layout myself, but unfortunately, without success. So my questions are the following (use image as refference):1. Move "product
How can i make a sizetabel under the category Sizes?I can copy it from another site, but don't how to put it under the categoryWho can explain me.Thanks
Unable to view more than 3 images in product page
Hi there,I'm having trouble with the images in my product page. Whenever I add more than 3 images, the arrow does not appear to allow you to scroll through to see the rest of the images. It shows you
opencart not receiving customer or payee address in order
Hi for customer order only shows the shop address for both payment and shipping.I need to reassign this around so I receive the order with the customers address and who is paying for the tax
Store Module HELP!
I want to add categories to my Opencart store front that will take the user to a list of products for that category. Like this website "www.Undeadteds.com". In the photo attached you can see