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Disable sub category auto expand when hover.
Hi I want to know how to make my submenu in opencart not auto expand when hover. Rite now, the menu for sub category is auto open when mouse hover to the menu. i want the menu for sub category to open
Are 1.5.4 templates compatible with 1.5.6
I want to install OpenCart 1.5.6.x, but the template I want to use says it's only available for Does that mean it's not sold/supported by the vendor beyond that version, or does it mean it
Display current language name
OC v1.5.6.4- I want to display some text about the current language. For example: "Your current language is English."- I also want to hide the choice for english in the language menu (i.e.
Remove manufacturer with no products
Hi,how can I remove manufacturers that have no products listed form page templates?Any suggestions?Thank you!
Main background resolutions change?
Hello Members,Is there some way to auto change the background of my opencart webshop depending on the resolution of the client computer. I made the webshop on my Laptop but when I visit the site on my
Problem changing "header" Language and Welcome
Hello ya all,I'm trying to change the header and change the position of the language and welcome information. But the position wont change the way I want it.I changed it fast by paint to you can see
How to remove Disqus
Hi,I noticed that instead of the normal comment system in opencart, my opencart has Disqus in it WHICH I did not install.See here: http://www.mestibeli.com/index.php?rout ... duct_id=69 in the
Bershka Template Theme Errors Help Please!
HiI am getting this error.Does any one know how to fix it? Thank you for your help.Line 82 in vq2-system_engine_controller.phpCode: Select allrequire(VQMod::modCheck(DIR_TEMPLATE .
ipad and kvvaradha theme issue
HiI need some helpI am using kvvaradha in my clients website and all is ok apart from can't get it to work on a ipad, the client said the layout has all gone, I am using css media queries and
Opencart clubs?
Hi there!I am looking for Opencart clubs who offers a one time payment to download all their content (themes/modules/etc).Like this: http://www.oc-extensions.com/Premium-Membership Any
Change space between products on category page
Hi Members,I trying to add more space in the product pictures on the category page. I Adjust a new size to the images but I want to add more space in between so the page is filled. I tried many things
EVISU Template , problem with payment and footer module.
Hi !I just upgraded from to 1.5.6 to get the Swedish Payson module to work , but I cant see the payment options in checkout ( nothing happens ) I have EVISU 3 sliders in one premium OC 1.5.x
How to insert a category description at the bottom
I would like to insert a separate category field where i can insert SEO text at the bottom.Due to UI, i think it is not feasible to insert it on the default category description field.Any chance i can
re-size logo on default template
Is there a tutorial on how to effectively make room for a larger logo using the current 1.5.x default template? The logo supplied is only 50 pix high and really doesn't do much for my site. I guess
Adding a Text Box
I'm looking to add a text box to the home page. My template previously had it and it got removed some how. I'm not sure where to go in my files to add it back. I do have my original files. Please help
Footer center aligned
http://www.traktatiebedankjes.nl/Frozen ... ame=frozen You see the footer is aligned left? How can i redo it to center?It happens also when i have in 1 product more then two options... Two goes ok,
New theme products loads old theme?
Hi there,I am installing a theme as a replacement for my existing old Opencart site. At the moment, it is in a hidden directory /v2, and the home page works fine. However, all product pages, load the
template not changing in front end
Hi,I have downloaded and transferred an under construction template using Filezilla and it appeared in my store backend under settings ---> Store tab, I changed from default to new one and saved
Help i'm stuck
dunno what that error isplease help.website http://www.autostickere.rothank you!
How to align new images in header?
Hello,I have made and inserted two images into my header ( www.kingoftech.co.uk ) they are free uk delivery and five star service. As you can see, they are not aligned correctly. I would like my logo,