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Need to remove text that was hard coded
Over a year ago I cleverly discovered a way to add text into the body of a opencart V1.5.5.1(For in store pick up call) Now today I cannot figure out where/how I added it as I want to modify it. I
Need help with chaning footer color setting
Hi,Need help adding color field (in attached file I marked whole area where that color field should be) around footer category names in "Coffe Theme". I try to do that myself about 6-8
Help With Page Layouts
Hi Guys,I have and installed OXY theme. it has 10 layout templates which were working great until yesterday.Now the product page looks silly like this: http://www.ukecigz.co.uk/suicide-bunny-
How to reduce space in header
Hello everybody,Please tell me how to reduce the space shown on the picture below.Site: mlgroup.bgThanks !
How to change the images of the manufacturers
Hello all,I want to change the images of the manufacturers in the specified tab in my site mlgroup.bg. Please find attached screenshot.
Can New product and Discounted products shows in mid column
I see on the demo site, the middle column is showing only Feature products. Can I also add New products and Discounted products in the middle column? thanks
Looking for a template
Hi Guys,Can you suggest me a FREE theme suitable for clothes(t-shirt,jeans etc.) store? Which PREFERABLY doesn't have any slideshow in the homepage.
editing refine search in custome theme?
Hello all,I have bought a theme and want to edit the refine search text in to pictures.My question is how to do that??Thanks in advance....
SEO Friendly URLs not Configuring
Hi, Any help with this would be greatly appreciated as I seem to have been going round in circles. I am trying to configure SEO Friendly URLs for a website using the Open Cart SEO Pack.I have
jquery problems
Hi, I am new to this forum, but have been reading it for a long time, now I am in dead end, can't figure out what is happening with my siteFirst of all, fro registration page the region drop down
Add Sales Dept Number to Top left of Header?
Hello All!Hope your enjoying your morning/day thus far. I need advice as to how I can go about placing a Sales Department number to the top left header area, above the nav, on my website?Here is my
How to Change stylesheet when language changes?
How to Change stylesheet when language changes? Any one help me please?I have a site using 3 languages. The problem is when user change language than font-size and font-family show not good.For that
Update just template from 1.5 to 2.0?
Is there anyway just change the Template (Looks) from 1.5 to 2.0?I use right now and it works fine so I don't want to change anything except the template (the Looks of 2.0 is nice so I'd like
Possible alternate to remove fields from forms?
oops - found an error in my method, best to stick to the original tutorial (http://forum.opencart.com/viewtopic.php?f=139&t=46467)
featured big opencart
Can i help you
Stylesheet is not loaded
Hello Experts,I'm setting up a OpenCart webshop and having a problem:The stylesheets are not loaded, it does not work (anymore) in IE or Firefox or safari (mobile)it did work though and the things I
Next/Previous Order buttons?
Hi there,Just muddling around trying to see if there is a way to create a NEXT and PREVIOUS order button for the Admin Order View pages. I am trying to slimline the back end process of updating orders
Help with Shoppica2 theme
I need some help in shoppica2 theme. Since for past 21 days theme author doesn't reply to any of support topics in their forum i am seeking help from community members.In home page there is featured
Featured Module BG Colour Change
Hi,For the life of my I can't figure out how to change the background colour of the featured module and also the carousel. I already have a installed module called Theme Options, but it doesn't allow