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Adding a select option to checkout page
Hi allIm selling products for surfers and I want to be able to request they choose which stance they are on the checkout page, (goofy or natural) rather than selecting it for every product. Is this
Undefined Index: Footer. tpl on line 146 (error )
Dear Sirs,Nice to talk with yours!We have some error of catalog/view/theme/theme name/template/common/footer.tpl, when we install another language, Would you please help us how to solve this error as
Popup Window Not Working
All of a sudden when I click on a thumbnail for the pop up, the image opens up in a black background. The only way to get back to the product page is by hitting the back button. Then I get a white
How to choose which .tpl files a module appears on?
I am learning how to make a template by re-appropriating the default OC template.I have set up the SlideShow module and it is appearing on my home page fine. But it also appears in my column_left.tpl
Most Compatible Template
I currently have a website with an default template. Because of this i never had any problem with installing modules. I am now searching for a responsive template but how can i be sure that the
How to display an attribute on the cart page
How can you display the allocated attribute for the products currently in the cart.For example a sold by attribute per piece, per box etc.Help is needed please!TaAlex
Quantity box width on product page
Hello to all, I am having an issue with width of Quantity box on product page as you can see on image bellow when I enter an number it is displayed partially so I need to set its width in css or
Changing text size and link colors in footer
Hi How can I do it ?my store is in persian and I have to stylesheet file 1: stylesheet.css2:stylesheet-rtl.css
Changing Layout of Secondary Images
How difficult is it to change the default layout of secondary product images? I want them to align or float left instead of displaying them in a vertical column.What template files control this?
Product Per Row for featured and new products module
HiI know how to change width in stylesheet in order to change products per row but my problem is that I want to have for example 4 products per row for featured and 5 products per row for new product
Cart not clearing after checkout
I have searched all over this forum for answer to this problem. No luck.When I do a test, I check out as usual and get redirected back to my website, the items I just purchased are still in the cart.
Problem with theme search bar
Hello, I have this isue with Mailan template. When I use search bar I get many errors about code problem in search.tpl file (also I add picture of this problem). Erros:Notice: Undefined variable:
Some help with star rating
Hi guys, I'm working on a custom template site, it's really simplistic in terms of elements, but now the client wants to have the star rating system, just the rating, not comments, just click on 1 to
ChanginG font color in the Dark Orange Theme
Hello,I want to change the font color in my Dark Orange Theme. It looks too dark against the dark background and I want it lighter...I looked in the stylesheet.css and can't seem to locate where the
Install template error!!!
So I tryed to install this template : http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route ... _license=0 (local host)I did as the readme file said I putted every file in the root folder it asked me to replace
www.harikarenkler.com background issues
Hey guys,My site, www.harikarenkler.com has 3 issues. when you examine the slideshow on top, you can see that some part of it is flooding on the right side.secondly, when you look at the footer,
PRODUCT PAGE Notice: Undefined variable
Please advise me as on a product page , under price information , there is an error notice , what would be a solution for it ?Notice: Undefined variable: profiles in
Remove jQuery UI
Hello people, this is my first post, my name is Michael.Hello can anyone tell me what parts of Opencart use jQuery UI. If it is just the datepicker I would like to remove it and use a less bloated
Vertically align horiz nav menu links
I have too many links to fit in the top menu so I made some of the links break to a second line.So I had to change the line height so they would fit but that moves the single line links.Here is an
Add tax for shipping cost in order and order invoice
Hello, how can I add a line for "tax shipping" in the orders and invoice orders?