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How can Slideshow and PopUp work at the same time?
Hi, I inserted a code for Facebook Like PopUp in this file catalog/view/theme/default/template/common/header.tpl, right after <body>. The problem is that the PopUp Window shows up, but the
Adding a home and an info menu item
Hi allhaving a problem adding a basic "home" menu item and a basic "how it works" menu item to talk about my product. Ive tried a few different methods:
How to take 'menu' out of header.tpl
I am not sure if taking the nav menu out of header.tpl and inserting it manually would be the best way to accomplish this but bare with me and I am always open to suggestions.I am working on a site
Category & Sub Category Problems
I have a couple of issues that I need help with please:1) Some of my sub-categories aren't showing up in the category menu at the top. The first sub-category shows up when you hover on the parent
how to fix linking wrong product id problem
Hi all,I am having a problem which my product did not link to the correct product ID when click on the link icon. Which means it will link to another product, it happen to every sub categories, and in
Any templates like this?
I am looking at building a template for my OC 1.5.6 and want the design to be very minimalistic and simple.I have a couple of examples of how I would like the website to be. If anyone knows of any
Requirement of 30 Theme for Multi Domain Site
Hi,I have Requirement of 50 Theme for Multi Domain Site. Please Quote You Rate With Installation.Thanks
Ancart Theme - Center Align wishlist, compare buttons
Hello everyone and thank you in advance for your help! Since I obviously lack basic knowledge of CSS, no matter what I tried I just can't get it to work I have opencart 1.5.6 installed with ancart
Hello,I recently purchased AMAZECART theme from Open cart. I discovered the following errors which you should correct for me.1. The theme is not working well on mobile. The Menu is not working or
Popup and Slideshow together
Hallo, I inserted the code for facebook popup like to catalog/view/theme/default/template/common/header.tpl file, right after <body>, then refereshed the web page, I saw the popup, but the
Wish List/compare and cart appear on right
Hi I am new to opencart and have very limited experience. Could anyone help me please.As you will see from the screen shot the wish list and compare appear on the left - when you go to grid and then
some css advise
Hi help and advise pleasemy site http://bigtoner.co.uk I need to have a drop down menu on the banner i am using a third party menu called dynamic_catagories which works great but how can i make the
How to add extra css class to existing or insert extra div
I have thesediv promo-block clearfix it has its own css class. What I need is to add extra css class to it. The reason is that I want to have two diferent styles for the same div. Spend two days to
Change delivery address criteria
Hi guys,I'm currently working on an ecommerce site using opencart on localhost for university students where they will be the sellers and buyers.So, I need to change the criterias needed at the
Pls help: me align the "add to cart" buttons at the bottom
I just couldn't align the "add to cart", "Add to wishlist" & "Add to compare" buttons at the bottom of the product buttons at the bottom of the
Checkbox image hover
Hi,I have a long list of colours using checkboxes ( i need checkboxes as the user has to choose multiple colours) and i would like to have the item option image appear when the user hovers over a
PLEASE HELP ! Problem with cart.
Hello, I have been building one site for quite some time now, got to the part of optimization(minify, compress etc...). Didn't recognize this at first, only after I did some test orders. Cart has
Template for an item
Hi,I would like to use opencart just for an item. is it any template to used it and look nice for an item.Kind Regards
Changing the "header"
Hi,Someone created us a website and sort of left us with it. All has been fine and I can get around and change things I find necessary. When they created it they put an image at the header then the
Bold only Total value in Invoice
Hi, I'd like to bold only the total title and value.based on a search, I was able to find viewtopic.php?f=21&t=51730 Was able to remove the <b> from the invoice tpl file and apply bold to