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session_start():open(/tmp/sess_...,O_REWR) failed
I installed opencart but couldnt access to the admin page. The error message was:PHP Warning: session_start(): open(/tmp/sess_e04153be0ce8842855182c6f89f91012, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or
Started from scratch - still no website
I had previously installed a version of opencart to a test folder on my website. After having a password error, I completely deleted and re-installed/started the site. I am able to get into the admin
Errors After Change Server
Hello everyone, I have change the server of my opencart store and i have the following errors:Code: Select allNotice: Error: Could not load language greek! in
install error. english
Hi this is a brand new install with the latest stable version and I can log into the admin OK but a cannot view the store home page. This is the message I getNotice: Error: Could not load language
VQMod image path issue in Xampp
Hi,In order to do some customization and development, I have downloaded my website and installed in Xampp. I am running OC1.5.6.4 and VQMod 2.4.0This is what I have done...(1) After installation of
Transfering products and data to new opencart website
Hi There,Really need your help. I was creating my website on a localhost and had it all done with small amount of products which takes time as you know. Then I noticed that it is a nightmare to put it
route issue
Hello everybody!I have some issue with opencart. English is not my native language, but I'll try to describe situation the best.I have a backup content of the web-site and database from my client.
User Log On does not Stick
I have set up v1.5.6.4 and I am using the default template.I have set up additional languages and also user groups.I have deleted all demo products and categories and created my own.When a user
[SOLVED] Importing to new version,domain on new server..
HiI want to import all the products, customers, invoice etc from 1.5.51 with different domain to my new OC installation do NOT want to keep the current theme and vqmods. there are not
Robot txt and google bots
hi,i have a opencart "image" folder with sub folders inside it, ie: website_product, banners, blog images, etc etci want to stop google bots going to to all the sub folders within the image
Clean Install - Step 4 loops back to step 1
I am doing a fresh install of v1.5.4 of open cart on my site. However, once I get to step 4, and click on either the goto store link, or to the admin page link, both links just reroute back to step 1
Multi Store questions
I'm trying to set up multi stores and have read all the threads with the topic and am making a mistake somewhere or missing a step or just not understanding something because I can't get any to show
I want to upgread to the last Issuing
Hey,I want to upgread to the last Issuing ,but I don't want lose my additions.And I want to upgrade to the last Version
Error: Unknown column 'p2c.category_id' in 'where clause'<br
I recently upgraded a client and am receiving the following error when I attempt to click on the Categories option in the Dashboard. 2014-09-22 4:41:05 - PHP Notice: Error: Unknown column
Caught in an install loop
Hi, Ive looked around and cant see anything on this.I had a previous install of opencart that i wanted to upgrade.Unfortunately during the upgrade proces i forgot that I had renamed the administation
Customers online - No results!
Hi, this is my first post and i (think) i have searched every single site about this and did not find an answer?I cant get "Customers online" to work..I have turned it on in:
Get "500 Internal Server Error" msg when installing opencart
The domain that i'm using is iperfashion.com. i downloaded opencart- and uploaded to server using FTP. The folder directory for open cart is /home/upload. when i go to
After update no drop down menus in controlpanel
HiI wonder if anyone here has been through similar problems as me. I updated a OpenCart and now I have problems with the control panel in the admin. It has emerged rows and buttons that were not there
Admin : Customer -> Form - Zone/Region : --None --
Hi,REF: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=129913 As my registration form in the front end (Social Login or Normal) -- all defaults to None for the Zone as Singapore has no