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oc_product_profile' doesn't exist
Hej, I have upgraded from 1.5.5 to and when i click on product this mesg comes up. How can i fix this problem. Notice: Error: Table 'carmedia_se.oc_product_profile' doesn't existError No:
Fatal error after going to shop after successful installatio
After installation step 4 Finished! telling me that installation is successful and clicking on: " go to your online shop" the following error comes up: Fatal error: Class
6º passo em branco
Bom dia! instalei o pagseguro só que na hora que realizo uma compra e tento fechar o 6º passo fica em branco alguem pode mim ajudar?desde já agradeço; Gildásio santana
How add page number bar to top too?
I would like to repeat the page number bar that appears at the bottom of category pages at the top of the page and it would fit nicely where the display list/grid selector is (Am liking large images
Adding an additional store []
I'm trying to setup a wholesale store as well as my OG store. going to post my config for apache because im just getting an 404 whenever i goto the second store.Code: Select all<VirtualHost
Server size
HI!I will have opencart shop with around 10000 products. I am interested how much server space i would need?Thanks!
Setting Up Multiple Stores without a subdomain
I am looking to set up multiple stores under a single domain without having to use subdomains. I have listed below what I would like the urls to be when accessing the stores.Main Store -
Broken layout during installation and after it
HelloI am experiencing strange behavior during and after installation of fresh copy of OC.After I extract fresh copy of OC (latest versions and and start installation I am noticing
Cannot upload image for a product
Version Clean installI cannot upload image for product. I want to know whether it is related to creating folder of random name by php script? or location of the folder created is out of user's
Problems Backing up/Cloning store
Hi,I've been working on customizing a layout for a few months. The layout will be used on 3 different identical stores, that use different currencies/databases.Now when i copied all the files from my
How to add a 'how did you hear about our site' field...
Tried to search, no luck.Is there a quick line of code? Seen a few mods, most for earlier versions of O/C but figured this is an easy one to add some code to registration and/or checkout.Want to add
installation error: [function.session-start]: open_basedir
After installation of the latest version of opencart (and removing the installation file) on a subdomain of my main website, I get the following error:Warning: session_start()
installation error: [function.session-start]: open_basedir
When I'm tried to install opencart, I got an error which I cannot get rid of. I started with installation of the lastest version of open cart on a subdomain of my main website (hosted by argeweb).
CGI Installation Loop
Hello,My hosting provider has OpenCart as a cgi one click install but I'm having problems with the installation loop in that once installation is complete and you are given the option of going to the
Database Index not being included in backup from PhpMyAdmin
HiMy first post I am planning to upgrade my 1.5.6 store to Am not sure why but I would like the experience.My goal is to have DEV, TEST and PROD stores all on the same version so I can copy
Upgrade from 1.5.6 to leaves import broken
Hi,I have upgraded one of my sites from 1.5.6 to and now the import/export tool is broken,I have re downloaded the extension and installed again, but simply get a blank white screen when
Working with individual OpenCart elements
How to be selective about what appears on a given page?I successfully installed OpenCart, then added the AquaCart (<great support Kal!) responsive theme to it and all is well there. My client
Facebook Conversion Puixel
Can anyone please advise on how to collect cart total value for conversion tracking value for my facebbok campaigns?Running version 1.5.6
session_start():open(/tmp/sess_...,O_REWR) failed
I installed opencart but couldnt access to the admin page. The error message was:PHP Warning: session_start(): open(/tmp/sess_e04153be0ce8842855182c6f89f91012, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or
Started from scratch - still no website
I had previously installed a version of opencart to a test folder on my website. After having a password error, I completely deleted and re-installed/started the site. I am able to get into the admin