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OC moving to new host.
Hi.I'm trying to move my site from our dev environment to the real host.I have done a backup of the DB, I have done a backup of the site.I have then moved the site over to the new host FTP and
Top Menu / Categories
PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME!!!Hi,New to Opencart and eCommerce and really enjoying configuring Opencart.I have a dilemma that I've searched high and low on the forum for but each answer hasn't solved my
Test Payment fine but Live Payment fails
I've struggled with this for a few days and am no in need of some expert friendly help When I make a live payment using both Paypal Standard and Nochex APC the order is not fully updated. From what I
Safe upgrade
Probably a stupid question but anyway.Is it possible to upgrade opencart from to the latest version or simply re-install current version so all internal information ( customers, stock items,
admin- login into store not working
Hi All, recently upgraded to 1.5.6 and the login into store under customers in admin does not work. Anyone know of a fix for this?
I need help with installing template, Please help.
Please check my website, i did all the step from below, but the website come out like this,,Please help.( www.fafabeauty.com ).........online waitingCopy the directories from “Opencart Files”
New install error
Just install opencart, but get this error?Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: open(../tmp/sess_37eccb463f828c2687f39e43158b7931, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in
Can't Access Admin after Transfer
Apache: 2.2.27 | PHP 5.4.31 | MySQL 5.5.37-cll | Perl 5.10.1 | Opencart 1.5.6We transferred to a new server and now I cannot access the admin panel. The path to the admin in both config files is
I'm Trying to duplicate my store to a sub domain.Please Help
So lets start from the beginning. I decided to create a subdomain on my site to work on development. I extracted all of the files from the server via ftp. Then I exported the database via phpmyadmin.
Some questions regarding functionality of Opencart
Hi,I am new to Opencart and are evaluating it for installation for a client.Can somebody please provide me with answers to the following questions?:1. Can I attached a PDF files(s) to a Product? For
Installed ok but admin page doesn't work?
Hey allJust installed to a fressh install and the site itself is working fine http://user49815.vs.easily.co.uk/ (I'm waiting for my domain to transfer), but the admin page isn't loading
Product Page "Ex Tax" Display Tax Rate not Base Price
Can anyone assist with verifying how to display product page "Ex Tax" as rate not base amount. Example: (tax rate 8%)Price: $100.00Ex TAX: $8.00During checkout display sub totals and Totals
upgrade fail
Hi James looking forward you comment , I am keeping upgrade or give upthanks you regards,James Sue
Help implementing "Basic Security Practices"
I successfully installed OpenCart on my hosted server and briefly explored the front and back ends before proceeding to the next steps in the documentation: the "Basic Security
Invalid Product URL gives 200
HiI have a new site. Everything seems to be working ok. I have a product ( http://www.proshopdirect.co.uk/waterpro ... proof-suit ) which displays ok. If i change the URL to
Install Opencart to excisting webshop
Hi there !I have one webshop that is running with some homemade software made by past developer and I would like to remove the old webshop and Install Opencart software in the best way possible.If I
How long and much effort should it take to upgrade to 1.5.6
I am getting quotes for a developer to upgrade to version 1.5.6 from 1.5.2. Upon trying to vet costs associated with time and effort for this upgrade, what should I expect for amount of time and cost
Looking for Search Extensions
Hello All. We just did an upgrade to 1.5.6 and found out the Improved search module doesn't work on that version. Is there any modules/extensions that can help with the updated search? I am unable to
Bitcoins Currency
Hello, can anyone please help me, I want to accept bitcoins in my open cart store. I want to add bitcoins currency in open cart and set it by (Default) when I go to system > Localisation >
Invalid token session.
Hello guys, it seems that every time I try and log into my admin panel whatever I try to access I am shown this message constantly, I also tried to change my them but when I go into the my store and