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Some questions regarding functionality of Opencart
Hi,I am new to Opencart and are evaluating it for installation for a client.Can somebody please provide me with answers to the following questions?:1. Can I attached a PDF files(s) to a Product? For
Installed ok but admin page doesn't work?
Hey allJust installed to a fressh install and the site itself is working fine http://user49815.vs.easily.co.uk/ (I'm waiting for my domain to transfer), but the admin page isn't loading
Product Page "Ex Tax" Display Tax Rate not Base Price
Can anyone assist with verifying how to display product page "Ex Tax" as rate not base amount. Example: (tax rate 8%)Price: $100.00Ex TAX: $8.00During checkout display sub totals and Totals
upgrade fail
Hi James looking forward you comment , I am keeping upgrade or give upthanks you regards,James Sue
Help implementing "Basic Security Practices"
I successfully installed OpenCart on my hosted server and briefly explored the front and back ends before proceeding to the next steps in the documentation: the "Basic Security
Invalid Product URL gives 200
HiI have a new site. Everything seems to be working ok. I have a product ( http://www.proshopdirect.co.uk/waterpro ... proof-suit ) which displays ok. If i change the URL to
Install Opencart to excisting webshop
Hi there !I have one webshop that is running with some homemade software made by past developer and I would like to remove the old webshop and Install Opencart software in the best way possible.If I
How long and much effort should it take to upgrade to 1.5.6
I am getting quotes for a developer to upgrade to version 1.5.6 from 1.5.2. Upon trying to vet costs associated with time and effort for this upgrade, what should I expect for amount of time and cost
Looking for Search Extensions
Hello All. We just did an upgrade to 1.5.6 and found out the Improved search module doesn't work on that version. Is there any modules/extensions that can help with the updated search? I am unable to
Bitcoins Currency
Hello, can anyone please help me, I want to accept bitcoins in my open cart store. I want to add bitcoins currency in open cart and set it by (Default) when I go to system > Localisation >
Invalid token session.
Hello guys, it seems that every time I try and log into my admin panel whatever I try to access I am shown this message constantly, I also tried to change my them but when I go into the my store and
Category meta title
Hello,I added module which adds Custom Meta Title option for category of product. The thing is that before that, when someone searched me on google they saw the category title and after "-"
Error, please help
Hello all,When moved my site to a new domain, appeared thеse messages:Warning: require_once(/home/thecheat/public_html/mobile4/system/startup.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No
Problems moving OC 1.5.6
Hi all, I've installed OC in a subdir of an existing domain, I've completed the website, installed extensions, inserted all products and once I've finished everything I've tried to move it into the
SOLVED: No Access to Admin Screen after New Install
]OC chloelina.comMoved my site from local host to hosted server. I did not want the site to be called up as chloelina.com/chloelina_soap so I moved the files out of the chloelina_soap
Use emailadresses from inbox to newsletter
HI there,I have installed OpenCart replacing my old software that was a home built softare.I have all the emails from customers left in the info@ emailadress inbox.I would like to use them to send
How can I serve OC from a subdirectory to look like root?
I've found dozens of posts explaining about serving opencart from a subdirectory yet can't understand why mine doesn't work how I want.Site is installed at xyz.com/oc but I want it to be seen only
dupe. please delete.
this is a dupe. please delete
Upgrade of 1.4.x.x to Error in Front
Hi team,I need your atention. I upgrade OpenCart from 1.4.x.x to but not show Front Store.The site is www.laptrom.com Thanks for you atention.I review the README and go step by Step, but not
Orders missing with upgrade to
Hi. I've just upgraded from 1.5.6 to and I noticed the total order quantity has changed. I checked and all of the orders that were set to Waiting for Payment (the last option) are now not