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Can't find module and need access to it to correct mistake
There is a typo that needs to be corrected on the checkout page. I cannot find it in the back-end. I think I've clicked on every tab that could possibly have the text I want to fix but without
How to edit the home link
Hi-- I have recently updated from OC 1.5.6 to After this upgrade, links (i.e.: my logo and 'home" breadcrumb) that are supposed to go my homepage go else where instead. Could someone
Refined Search items showing in different widths
Hi,I have my root categories all showing on my home page. When I click into each category the sub categories (refined search) go in rows of four columns across the bottom.I have just noticed that in a
Moving Shopping Cart Location
Hi,My theme I have comes with a built in control panel to make pretty much all changes possible to my theme, but the one thing I want to do, there isn't an option for, which means I have to make
Purchased template 2.0.3 not working
Purchased a template from Themeforest.net and tried loading under catalog/view/theme but will not work. Help please.
How to get Group Discount Percentage
Hello,I have a private function that will calculate a discount price based on the discount percentage for a customer that is in the Wholesale Group (15% discount), but I have the discount percentage
Make links open in new tab
Good day all,I am using Opencart and would like to make the links on the following page open in a new tab: https://heroesofgc.com/index.php?route= ... egory=TRUE So I would like to make it so
Latest product not appearing on store front
Hi ,I'm using opencart Version and my shop page is http://shanti-music.com/shop/ .I just set up my latest product (image uploads included) the way I've done in the past but this time the
send mail
hello when i send mail to my customers the pictures doesn't appearsonly the textěžow to resolve the problem?
READ This Before Posting
When requesting support, at a minimum, please supply the following information:Your OpenCart VersionIf your post is related to a template issue, please also post a link to your website or the webpage
Have an improvement suggestion?
So we now have an account with UserVoice, I have personally used them for a long time on another project and it is a great way of getting community ideas and seeing what the community thinks of
Language Translation Project at Crowdin
OpenCart v.2 Translation Project at Crowdin.A language should never be a paid extension or something like that.Get all languages for free at crowdin.Help to translate OpenCart into almost all
OpenCart Available Now
Developers!OpenCart is available to download now exclusively for developers. Download from GitHub now to have a sneak peek at the new system and get a head start in updating your
OpenCart 2.0 Curl/Http Loopback Workaround!
In OpenCart 2.0, there is a new API system that uses a "curl" call (curl is a server-side web call) from the admin area to the front end. This method of calling the same domain from the
Deprecated message after upgrading...
I have recently upgraded to PHP 5.5 and Apache 2.4 and now I am getting the following error. Any ideas on how to resolve it? mysqli is installed as is PDO and PDO MySQLDeprecated: mysql_connect(): The
installation Problem
sorry I posted in the wrong part hi I have 3 websites with opencart installed all ok and fine I am having problems with installing it on my 4th when uploading I can see the list of files being
Post Code Validation
Hi, i want to make post code filed to accept only numbers of 6 digits. How can i do this ?Right now for accepting only 6 characters i done this :if ($country_info['postcode_required'] &&
need help with display address in my account
In my account post code is displayed next to city. I want to display that post code next to country or below country. pls help me with thisi attached the screenshot of that
Error updating opencart
I'm trying to upgrade my opencart from version to the latest version. Perform this update from softaculous, and gives me the following error...
Custom home page
Hello! I am new to opencart so please don't be angry if my question is silly!I would like to know is it possible to hide all products from home page like in this example http://shop.dennyrose.es/