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How to create a ''themed'' store section?
Hi all,My question is about themed store sections.Lets say you want to promote some products for a period of theme. For example ''Star Wars''.How does one create a new template for this '"Star
Admin Catelog=> products tab not working
Hello Hi all,Am using opencart version.Now am getting error when i click on admin panel Products Tab it will taken 20seconds loading after getting error 404 page. And some times only (rarely)
[HELP]Slideshow and modules error
Hello, after changed my template in my website my slideshow and other modules dissapiared... On admin panel all its ok...Can you check at bagsfever.gr.. to see...Please help...thanks...
Issues with modifying template and using custom.css
Hello,we are currently developing a new design for our webstore, which is based on the current one, but we are expecting an interesting issue. All our modifications are stored in the custom.css file,
Get frontend template dir from admin side
HelloHow can I get DIR_TEMPLATE . $this->config->get('config_template') for frontend from admin side?Thanx
Null appear in the category page after remove Addtowish list
Hi,Please help on this. I am using custom template.I would like to remove the Add To Wish / Compare button.I able to do it by removing from the product.tpl & category.tpl file.But when I browsed
Mobile App
How to develop opencart andriod/ios Mobile app ? Any third party tool available?
OC 2.0 product description shift
Hi OC Community,I'm totally new to coding or making websites, may I know how to shift my product description to the right side? (below the FB like and Tweet mini buttons)i have followed some old
Missing icons on website
Hello, My name is Li.I am new to all of website developing. I have spent 2 and half week going through tutorial and editing my website as I go along.I would really appreciate it, if someone can help
Custom Template
Hello, I'm new to Opencart, so sorry in advance. I'm trying to create a custom template and have it to only activate on a certain Category. The site already has a custom theme installed and is
Basic Tutorial OpenCart (who want online sales, please join)
The first threath ane I try to share a few things related to CMS OpenCart, For my friends who do not know what it OpenCart then will try to explain a little bit matters relating to OpenCart, OpenCart
Can't find module and need access to it to correct mistake
There is a typo that needs to be corrected on the checkout page. I cannot find it in the back-end. I think I've clicked on every tab that could possibly have the text I want to fix but without
How to edit the home link
Hi-- I have recently updated from OC 1.5.6 to After this upgrade, links (i.e.: my logo and 'home" breadcrumb) that are supposed to go my homepage go else where instead. Could someone
Refined Search items showing in different widths
Hi,I have my root categories all showing on my home page. When I click into each category the sub categories (refined search) go in rows of four columns across the bottom.I have just noticed that in a
Moving Shopping Cart Location
Hi,My theme I have comes with a built in control panel to make pretty much all changes possible to my theme, but the one thing I want to do, there isn't an option for, which means I have to make
Purchased template 2.0.3 not working
Purchased a template from Themeforest.net and tried loading under catalog/view/theme but will not work. Help please.
How to get Group Discount Percentage
Hello,I have a private function that will calculate a discount price based on the discount percentage for a customer that is in the Wholesale Group (15% discount), but I have the discount percentage
Make links open in new tab
Good day all,I am using Opencart and would like to make the links on the following page open in a new tab: https://heroesofgc.com/index.php?route= ... egory=TRUE So I would like to make it so
Latest product not appearing on store front
Hi ,I'm using opencart Version and my shop page is http://shanti-music.com/shop/ .I just set up my latest product (image uploads included) the way I've done in the past but this time the
send mail
hello when i send mail to my customers the pictures doesn't appearsonly the textěžow to resolve the problem?