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sold out label in category page
Hi...i want to add the sold out image label on the products that are sold out in category page... how do i add it... please help... iam using opencart ver
Image in search results bug
]Hey,I run in to an issue with this theme: http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route ... =36&page=7 There is error in product search page. When I run product search and get results. Put mouse on
How to remove Mini Cart popup?? [SOLVED]
I have been trying for months to remove the mini-cart popup from my header and I can not figure it out. Can someone PLEASE, PEASE, help me?I don't want to remove the cart fully from my header, only
Banner layout problem
Hi,I am using Opencart with the default banner module. I would like 3 banners in a row but the last banner is not aligned right. Banners are all the same size. The first two banners also have
modify buttons at checkout process not working in ois
hellowe are trying to complete checkout process in iphone browser the all steps is working fine but the modify button to go previous steps is not working here only(iphone). in the other browser of
Functions/manula/guides for create products/categori php
Well i was looking for some manual for create new products and categories from php code, but i couldnt get some examples.Well what i want, i want to create products and subcategories for them way php
Open cart layouts not displaying
Hi I seem to be experiencing an issue with the latest open cart I have installed at chloescurls.com. Some banners will not display although I have set them to in layouts. The theme support did help by
Display in stock - list view
Can anyone tell me how I can display an "In Stock" status on the Category Product List View for each product? ie what files to change and what css - any help from competent programmers would
Multistore links problem
Well, i am trying to make 2 stores. i am going to do them with different themes, so i have created 2 opencart foldera:i have created../publick_html/myopencartsitei installed opencart hereand when i
View Details user's profile
Hello My Friends...I want the user's profile page,user information displayed.(Such as name, username, email).In the Home Profile Page,Not Edit Information Page...When using commands such as:Code:
List View Add to cart?
This is what I want to do ...I would like to change (in list view) the 'add to cart button and icon' to 'see mre information' (with a better icon) without adding this to a cart - just going to the
how can i add the quantity in featured.tpl files
how can i add the quantity and any other product options featured.tpl and latest.tpl & special.tpl files in home page.And options & quantity all are shows in product page but how can i get the
Customize Admin Dashboard Fields in Order Page
Is it possible to customize the fields in the admin dashboard of the Orders page through the dashboard settings?I want to add a field called 'Recipient's Phone' below the 'Telephone' field in the Homepage "Add To Cart" Not Working
Hello, I run pav_bikestore on our website and the "Add to Cart" buttons on the homepage are not working. OC website: arpbookstore.com Thanks for the help!
Additional image not showing
I'm using opencart with the METROSHOP opencart theme. My problem is when i click any product which have additional image and go in the product page, i got a problemless view. But if i click
Adding Product Of The Selected Category
After creating the custom page i want to display the products of the selected category from the navigation menu For instance A user selected a category of printers from the navigation menu and i want
Error when trying to restore my website
Hi,a few days ago i lost my entire website as my domain name expired and my site which was hosted by iPage vanished. iPage cannot restore my site. I have a backup file however when i try and restore i
OC 1.55 / Productimage linked and fullsized
Hi GuysI'm runing an OC OnlineShop 1.5.6 and have no idea how to solve the following problem:The productimage should fill the entire page (see image below: left is today / right one is the goal):
Template error on install
Hi,I have purchased a template for my Opencart store and after i install it i am presented with the following error message:Notice: Array to string conversion in
how do i modify the side category?
Hi all,I am looking to edit the side category on opencart and i would like to disable the ability to click and view the sub category , the colour of the menu, the size of text and the ability to