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OpenCart 1.5.4
I downloaded opencart.zip from PayHub. I tried to install opencart but it only showed step 1. There are some information:- I haven't registered Open Cart so far.- as guide in install.txt, I changed
Adding second navigation above category navigation
hello! I am a designer and pretty new to OpenCart, but so far have learned quite a bit. I would like to make a second navigation bar, that will appear on every page of the store. I would like it to
jewellery Theme of Lexus Feature Support
Hello,i have a theme by Theme Lexus named as bagstore. i am developing a jewellery store and as jewellery has many colours included in one type of product so i am adding it in available options but i
Order shipping methods in checkout
I would like to order the shipping methods shown during checkout. They are, I presume, currently set to show in alphabetical order but I have:Collection (free)UK Delivery (prices shown)It currently
Custom fields to invoice
I have added a text box to the customer information. I am trying to access that information to add it to my invoice template. I have found several site with tutorials on adding the custom field but
Where do i edit the facebook links
Can anyone please point me in the right direction?I want to know weere i need to edit the facebook, twitter, linkedin and rss images on my site.I have tried contacting the template maker several times
Hi all,its my first post so be gentle.I have been trying to find out the answer to this for some time, we have been contemplating using opencart for our new e-commerce store. We have picked out the
Problem with ajax
Well, i am trying to end wia email sizes of some produst from user to adminfirst i am adding inputs and jS/JQ code to my product.In my JQ code i am sending data, its tested and
How to fix the size of the button/table?
HelloSomeone made my theme responsive and it seems to be ok except for one little thing on the French version the text in the Add to cart button is a little longer then the English one so it goes
Notice: Undefined index
Hi is there anyone that can help me with this issue.I have this error: Notice: Undefined index: listing_products_columns in
[SOLVED] Installed theme, now website is gone
Hi everyone,I am using v 1.5.6. I installed a new theme yesterday, and now my website is gone. I cannot figure out what the problem is. The admin is still accessible and everything is there when I
sold out label in category page
Hi...i want to add the sold out image label on the products that are sold out in category page... how do i add it... please help... iam using opencart ver
Image in search results bug
]Hey,I run in to an issue with this theme: http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route ... =36&page=7 There is error in product search page. When I run product search and get results. Put mouse on
How to remove Mini Cart popup?? [SOLVED]
I have been trying for months to remove the mini-cart popup from my header and I can not figure it out. Can someone PLEASE, PEASE, help me?I don't want to remove the cart fully from my header, only
Banner layout problem
Hi,I am using Opencart with the default banner module. I would like 3 banners in a row but the last banner is not aligned right. Banners are all the same size. The first two banners also have
modify buttons at checkout process not working in ois
hellowe are trying to complete checkout process in iphone browser the all steps is working fine but the modify button to go previous steps is not working here only(iphone). in the other browser of
Functions/manula/guides for create products/categori php
Well i was looking for some manual for create new products and categories from php code, but i couldnt get some examples.Well what i want, i want to create products and subcategories for them way php
Open cart layouts not displaying
Hi I seem to be experiencing an issue with the latest open cart I have installed at chloescurls.com. Some banners will not display although I have set them to in layouts. The theme support did help by
Display in stock - list view
Can anyone tell me how I can display an "In Stock" status on the Category Product List View for each product? ie what files to change and what css - any help from competent programmers would
Multistore links problem
Well, i am trying to make 2 stores. i am going to do them with different themes, so i have created 2 opencart foldera:i have created../publick_html/myopencartsitei installed opencart hereand when i