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Last Post By Search Not working
I recently noticed that the search box no longer works - I used to be able to press enter and the search would occur and the nearest results would display .... now every product displays no matter
Move product tabs to separate blocks
Hi,I need to remove description and review tabs in product page to separate blocks. Please see attached screenshot of what I am trying to do. Can someone point me to the file which can be modified to
Change buttons in cart.php
-please delete topic-
Generate Random 10 digit Customer Id
I need to generate a 10 digit random customer id for each and every customer who registers with my site and this customer id should be displayed in the admin dashboard under each customer and also it
Is there a way to inform international customers that there is a charge for shipping that will be billed to them?ThanksJT
Popup image frame distorted but NOT on all stores
Okay, this is a little thing that has been bugging me for a while and I cannot figure out the cause. I'm hoping someone else has an idea?Version (but did it on too). Since colorbox is
category view layout
Hello,is there an easy way to change the layout of the category view?I would like to have the category picture not on the top, but on the left.And the list of assigned products on the center-right.
Problem in top categories in menu
Hi, i have a problem in my main menu.My menu starts with home that links to http://www.electronix.gr/index.php?route=common/home Then follows some top categories.The first 4 top categories on mouse
Where can I change these colors?
Hi everybody!I'm experienced in PHP/MySQL/CSS/HTML5, but new to Opencart!I heard a lot about opencart, and it is wow! I'm so happy to discover a great shopping cart!!!I learned to change colors and
Stock status on search page
Hello,I use opencart version have everytime a lot of products which are not in stock and for this products appear also the add to cart button on the search pages. So I want to show on the
PHP Notice: Undefined variable: image_cart_width
Hi, i am facing a problem in the cart page of my website. after adding product to cart the page breaks hence missing sccroll bar. I checked the error log and found this ERROR: PHP Notice: Undefined
Changing the content of an "update" e-mail
Dear Opencart members,Can someone help me with an issue I'm facing? If I change the status of an order, for example to "shipped", and I notify the customer, the customer gets an e-mail with
Can't get header to float to right hand side of page?
I have a telephone number at the top of my website but can't get it to float to the right hand edge of the page... ... cts.co.uk/ Any ideas?
Template upgrade from to 2.xx
I have a template for version I wish to upgrade to version 2.xx. How do I make the changes?1. Amend the javascript files to update for version 2.xx?2. Amend the admin, category folders and
display on homepage lastest products
hello,I`m new here, and I have some problem with my first online ecommerce site.I use opencart , and here is my problem..I want to show on homepage last products like that:product 1 | product
how to change from 4 column to 5 column in home page?
how to change from 4 column to 5 column in home page ?See pic
Need support for parallax boss theme
Hi,One of our website www.venussportsme.com is built using boss theme (responsive parallax bag store)We need support for redesigning the mobile view's product & categories page template and our
Need freelancer redesigning main menu of TempMela theme
Hi,One of our client's website www.combatsportsme.com (opencart, built using TempMela Sports theme) needs customization of main menu appearance (in responsive modes)Our max budget for the
Sub Menu Required By Hover On Box- Category
Hi,Can anyone tell me how to edit box-category.I need to get sub menu left side by hover on the category name (Same like we get sub menu towards bottom side on top menu)Tnx in advance.
Pavilion Theme - need support.
We are using pavilion theme and trying to figure out which pages are being rendered from / controlled from where. For e.g. after great difficulty we were able to create a offer zone page for our