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Remove Excess Settings on left side of the page.
I was just testing the website and realised there are various options on the left side that aren't needed at all. http://www.jhanvi.co.uk/index.php?route=account/login For instance, Downloads. I had
Two, separate, category modules
Is there a way, or is there a module available, that will allow for 2, separate, CATEGORY listings?
Template Disappears on Reviews page
Hi,I am using OpenCart and it is located at http://www.dev.darkmoontest.com .The problem I am experiencing is that my template files disappear on page 2 reviews page, found here:
Adding a message below 'add to cart' button
Hi thereOn my category pages, in both grid and list view, I want to add a message to each product listing below the 'add to cart' button, something like: "Free shipping on all orders over X
Error message from tfc.tpl
Hi, I'm not a techie so please be patient with me lol. I am getting an error message in my contact area of index page and also on the contact page itself saying:Notice: Uninitialized string offset: 1
Notice: Undefined index Pav QueenBeauty Theme
Hi all, I'm new to Opencart and i just installed Pav queenbeauty theme on Opencart I'm getting error Notice: Undefined index: category_id in
A little design modification
Hello,I use opencart version and a commercial theme.I want to move down with 30 pixels on the product category pages and on the search pages the add to cart button, the add to wishlist option
Could not load template in OC
Hello Guys i am using OC and try to install template fileafter did all operation and when i run the program the template i got error Error: Could not load template
Promotion Percentage Lable
HiIn my theme special showing text SALE I need your support to convert this text SALE to auto percentage calculation.example 12% OFFI have tried extensions but not working in custom theme.Pl suggest
Modify product page
Please help me to modify layout product page on this site http://pantofari.ro/index.php?route=pro ... uct_id=133 I want to see good for customers who orderThank you!
how to display product image on success popup.
Hello,How can I add image of product in added to cart popup notification?Thanks
Uploading my logo
I would like to know where do I go on the back end to upload my logo on the top left side? Also, there are two missing images (shop men, shop women) at the bottom of my home page I would like
Changing The Checkout Heading's Font Colour (CSS)
Hi Guys,Im editing my stylesheet, and have set most of the stuff I need. Im a little stuck on the checkout though.I have a black background and have managed to set the font colours to white correctly
finding relevant css for category page
Hi, I have bought a theme, which I have been adding to/changing. I would like to change the border around the products for (I think it's the 'product-list'). I prefer the default template, which has a
Hep with banner overlapping cart on homepage
Hi All. I usually like to try and sort my own problems out however I am really struggling with this one.When you add an item to the cart on the homepage and click the shopping cart in the top right
[SOLVED] Flags instead of abbreviations
Hi everybody,I think I have a problem with my template.If I use the default template I normally see the languages selection with the flags.When I use my template,I only see abbreviations of the
Applying custom template to specific products
My OpenCart version is'm having an issue getting custom Layouts to apply to specific products. Here's a basic description of what I'm trying to do, how I'm doing it, and what's not working.I
Define Variable in Category.tpl
Hello All.I have a question about adding a variable to the Category / Grid view of my site.First off a little background. I am using a template. On the product page there is a line of code that
Pav Bike Store Theme
Hi, is anyone else out there using this theme? I have a question about the 'Custom Module'.I'd like to alter the 'Custom Module' background and font colours but, when I try and change the:/*custom
Template layout not centered
Hi all,I'm new to Opencart and cannot seem to solve this one myself.I'm trying to change the default template to a third party one, however a certain part is notcentered when the template is applied,