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Modify the Top Megamenu
Hi,I am a newbie here. please check the attached image. It is main category on the top menu. I would make the space less to let the menu hold more tabs. I use oc with sneaker theme. thanks for
Change link color
At our site http://test.hoddywellarchery.com.au/ the links in the footer turn brown when you hover your mouse over them. How do I make it so they turn white?Thanks
Template doesn't change from default.
Hello!My problem is that when I try to change template, it still stays on default..I've found topics where people have same problem but still can't solve it. I'm willing to give my ftp user to someone
Minimum quantity
I would like to set the minimum product order to 4, so when a customers clicks on add 2 cart, 4 products automatically adds to the cart. But i also want the customers to be able to change the amount
Display Paypal Standard Payment Module on site page
Hellowhen a customer checks out using PayPal Standard or any of the third party payment processors, the customer leaves "www.your-website.com" and is redirected to the Payment processors
Menu mobile responsive not works in vitalia template
Hi, i have the template vitalia installed but the problem is that the Megamenu is unclickable on mobile phone. In desktop version works properly. Who know what can be wrong? The website is
Help with Page Width in Pav Wine Theme
Hi I am transferring my shop from Zen Cart to Open Cart and would like to use the PavWine theme.All good so far but I can not work out how to make the whole layout wider in the screen.Because it is so
Looking for Restaurant-Theme for Germany
Hello,I am looking for a theme for a restaurant in Germany as in this example:https://www.ritabringts.at- The theme should be optimized for OpenCart does not look exactly the same!It is
How to remove qty in options dropdown.
Hi all..I have searched both this forum and google and can not find an answer anywhere..When you have more than one option for a product, say small medium and large, Opencart wants you to put a stock
Removing / Disabling Zoom Feature (V1.5.6)??
I have a template installed and I want to remove the zoom feature ( I believe its cloud zoom installed on the template) and replace it with a pop up image.I tried to contact the theme developer but my
Out of stock status per product option
I had this problem with a store of clothesthat had 2-3 size options for each product.By default when the stock of one size is 0 then the stock become "out of stock"else if QTY is 1 or more
Looking for help to finalize template/design
Hello everyone! I'm looking for someone who can help me with final touches to my OpenCart address is http://www.stuccofoamtrim.com I need to move and add some things here and there, If
Need some help deleting some unwanted things & editing....
On our site an information column is appearing on Pages (Information pages not product pages) below the content (under the "Continue" button. We need that gone.Also for some reason a link
Error Notice in lay out
Hi there,We are new users of the opencart software and we are still looking into creating the best shop for our products.We now have installed a new theme which we would like to try out more.Ones
theme translation problem
helloi`m using iziStore theme and when switch the languages from english to romanian i`m reciving a problem translation . i attached a picture with the problem . what i must do ?
Hello, Can someone tell me where I can edit the styling for tooltips on the category.tpl please?I've looked at the js that controls it but the styling isn't with in it.Thank you
Want a store selling extensions/modules/themes
I'm looking for an opencart design selling extensions and themes for OC or WP like oc-extensions.com Skype: ags.ceo22Email: ryebackup@gmail.com Help me please or direct me where
Enlaces no llevan a las Categorias...
Los productos de mis categorias estaban bien, se veian al ahcer click en el menu, han pasado como 4 meses y me llaman para decirme que los productos de algunas categorias no aparecen al ahcer click,
Template/Layout override for a single category/product
Hi thereI'm looking for a way to implement a custom layout/template for a category and product on my site, in such a way that it shows an ex VAT price, but ONLY for the specified category and product.
Banner disappears when i set a new template
Hello, i've had my online store for a while now, and i've changed the template once i belive. I did it with no problems that time. Recently i tried to add a new template "Magik" and the