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Navigation Bar How TO Change Size and Colour Of Font?
HelloI have installed version 2 and want to change the size of the font in the main navigation bar along with the colour, I have had a snoop in the stylesheet and changed a couple of things but
Duplicate product tabs
http://dunertunes.com/POLARIS/RZR-4/RZR ... -RZR4-4CHM I am using theme (just updated versions) that allows you to add addition product tabs which you can see on the above product page.I just added
Grid list category page problem
Hello guys and ladies! I have a really annoying problem with my responsive/mobile template. When I go to the category page where I have all my products, they come one and one on my iPhone 4s. BUT if I
How to remove footer website
I need to remove footer on the website, How to remove or disable module ? please advise meThnaks
Manually install theme
in my i am try to install new theme manually,that's install but not work properly at front side means their desing not work properly so please guide me how to install manually theme or extension in
Menu present, however background colour missing
Hi,I have menu items present, however I do not see background colour for the menu.. Image attached... I have tried various options, no luck. Can someone please help
Https product-review pagination doens't work
Since Firefox default loads website in HTTPS* i noticed a couple of errors.Most important is that in https the product reviews pagination doesn't work. It will load them but when i want to go to the
take out slideshow from div container?
Hi guys,Is there anyway to take out slideshow from container? i just tried to move all script in slideshow.tpl to custom header.tpl but what i've got is error.Actually what i need is to have slideshow
Why search not working
Hi,My search in header not working. When i type some words like Nokia or HTC, search not gives me results after click on magnifier.Site: mlgroup.bgPleae help!
How to fix that in the header
Hi, how can i separate the words ?image url upload
Mini shopping cart setup
Hi,I am new here. Just installed Opencart and now trying to customise the site to suit my theme I have a small problem here which I hope someone can help me with. On the top of the header, there is
Hide Price of Products on Special
Hi there, I'm hoping someone can assist me. I have managed to hide the prices on my shop, and a customer needs to be logged in to view the prices. I have done this via the Setting option: Login
How to remove SEARCH from cliked TAG results?
Hi, I would like to know is there a way to remove SEARCH from the page which is loaded after you CLICK ON A PRODUCT TAG?screenshot link - http://www.part.lt/img/18f39a88889e284b ... 445318.png Thank
Cant Select any Templates / themes from dropdown box
Everything is working fine, im not getting any errors but on the front end my site looks like the defualt OC theme, and on the back end i cant select a template to choose for my site..i dont know what
Center Logo
Hi,I'm trying to centre the logo in opencart 2.0. Without much luck. I've commented out the search box and the cart button from the header as these are not required. Now just want the logo to appear
changing a backround of shipping calculate
if you look at checkout page on my site: http://www.dino-cell.com/index.php?route=checkout/cart and you pick "חשב עלות משלוח" which is "$_['text_shipping_estimate']" in
How to Add an Upfront Badge to Home Page?
I need to add an upfront badge but I'm not sure where to find the Home Page to do this? I want it at the bottom with other logos.Any suggestions?Thanks,Lisa
Houzz Button?
I know there is a way to add a button, I am just unsure about WHERE to add it. I am looking to add a Houzz Button (similar to Pinterest) in th section where my FB/Twitter/etc buttons are or even
Modifying carbon theme
I am running a theme called Carbon where I could use some advice on modifications. In the center of the front page which I believe is called the default area I can place banners but I don't want a
Site displaying different in Explorer vs Firefox
Hello,My site appears incorrectly in explorer and since any changes I make to the stylesheet will affect both browsers, I am not sure what to do http://bit.ly/1FdxZZs (my site)In explorer:1. The