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Footer Sticky to Bottom
Does anyone know how I can make the footer sticky to the bottom of the page? v1.5.6some of my content pages have little content in them and the footer looks like it is floating on the page. Please
Prefill Textarea
Hi there,Does anyone know how I can pre-fill textarea text (with example-text/format) which is 'grey' (with css) but goes away when you click on the box (and comes back if you click out of it without
Lowering the navigation menu
I'm looking to lower the navigation menu so that my logo can fit, I'm not sure how to go about achieving this so any help will be appreciated.
Refresh footer in url change
I have some info in my footer that I want to change if happens change in url.How I can put some listener or something like that, that going to refresh my footer?
Ancart theme some little bugs
Hi, I am currently using opencart 1.5.1 and ancart free responsive opencart theme. I have some little bugs with the template. I did not have these problems with the default theme. 1) On the parent
Where to edit/delete menu items from bottom module?
I'd like to delete some of the menu items from the bottom module:Customer Service:/ReturnsandExtras:/Brands/Gift Vouchers/Affiliates/SpecialsWhere in the admin backend can I do that?
Use Gift Voucher appears in cart - but not vouchers!
Hi everyone,I have a site http://www.pentrim.com - when you click on the cart it takes you to a page where it asks you to enter a gift voucher - I want to replace this with a coupon box! I have
Cannot add category/inventory after installing TM template
Yesterday, I purchased template monster template #50758 (Home Decor - Responsive) from the OpenCart website. Since I had valid data already entered in my store (Opencart version, I decided to
How to show category sub images in top menu ?
I have the default template/theme running, 1.54 version and have a Frames category with sub-categories of Wall & Panels. The Wall and Panel categories both have an image uploaded for those
Display 'Special' and 'Price' in Cart - Like on product page
Can anyone help me display the Special, or new-price in the shopping cart along side the normal price.For users that are logged in with a 'trade' customer group the prices on the product page display
Options Image move radio button & image label
I use default theme and canĀ“t figure out how I should do with CSS in the product table for image options, i will change the display of radio button and imgae label. I attach an image, how I
Navigation Bar How TO Change Size and Colour Of Font?
HelloI have installed version 2 and want to change the size of the font in the main navigation bar along with the colour, I have had a snoop in the stylesheet and changed a couple of things but
Duplicate product tabs
http://dunertunes.com/POLARIS/RZR-4/RZR ... -RZR4-4CHM I am using theme (just updated versions) that allows you to add addition product tabs which you can see on the above product page.I just added
Grid list category page problem
Hello guys and ladies! I have a really annoying problem with my responsive/mobile template. When I go to the category page where I have all my products, they come one and one on my iPhone 4s. BUT if I
How to remove footer website
I need to remove footer on the website, How to remove or disable module ? please advise meThnaks
Manually install theme
in my i am try to install new theme manually,that's install but not work properly at front side means their desing not work properly so please guide me how to install manually theme or extension in
Menu present, however background colour missing
Hi,I have menu items present, however I do not see background colour for the menu.. Image attached... I have tried various options, no luck. Can someone please help
Https product-review pagination doens't work
Since Firefox default loads website in HTTPS* i noticed a couple of errors.Most important is that in https the product reviews pagination doesn't work. It will load them but when i want to go to the
take out slideshow from div container?
Hi guys,Is there anyway to take out slideshow from container? i just tried to move all script in slideshow.tpl to custom header.tpl but what i've got is error.Actually what i need is to have slideshow
Why search not working
Hi,My search in header not working. When i type some words like Nokia or HTC, search not gives me results after click on magnifier.Site: mlgroup.bgPleae help!